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mtr25-1 Watch Winder

No  huge merry-go-round to turn your tiny watch permanently, but a small support device to wind up one or two automatic watches within controlled intervals. Though more sophisticated, it is priced similar to permanent spinners. 
        The small base (ca. 102 x 62 x 26mm) contains electronic control, rechargable battery an an automatic charger. Winding direction and -interval can be adjusted to the watch's performance. Between two winding periods the watch is set to upright position. 
        The mtr25-1 is suitable for watches up to 250g. If two watches should be wound, they should have about the same weight. 

Price: EUR 128.45 (w/o VAT and handling/transport) for one watch including rechargable battery and mains cable. For two watches, an additional clip mtr25-1-1 is needed (EUR 7.76 w/o VAT).

Foto mtr25-1

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