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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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Landeron 58manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 59manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 61stem wind and set19'''
Landeron 71manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 72manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 73manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 75manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 77manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 78manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 79manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 80manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 81manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Landeron 82manual-wind chronograph13.75'''
Langendorf 1003manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1003Nmanual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1004manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1004Nmanual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1012manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1020manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1021manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1022manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1027manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1037manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1054manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1056manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 106manual wind8.75'''
Langendorf 1060manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1103manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1104manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1105automatic11.5'''
Langendorf 1106automatic11.5'''
Langendorf 1106 oldmanual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1113manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1113Nmanual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1114manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1114Nmanual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 112manual wind8.75'''
Langendorf 1127manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1133automatic11'''
Langendorf 1145automatic11.5'''
Langendorf 1146automatic11.5'''
Langendorf 1154manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 1160manual wind11.5'''
Langendorf 12manual wind10.5'''
Langendorf 1233automatic12'''
Langendorf 1233Nautomatic12'''
Langendorf 1235automatic12'''
Langendorf 1235Nautomatic12'''
Langendorf 1241manual-wind alarm12.5'''
Langendorf 1243manual-wind alarm12.5'''
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