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ESD generator

EMC testers are big, heavy, and expensive; this is not a phenomenon of nature: 
The mtr5 ESD generator has the size of a booklet, a weight of  780g  (incl. NiCd batteries), and a price of only EUR 1320.00 (excl. VAT). 

However, it is featuring all tests to conform the standards IEC 1000-4-2 or  EN 61000-4-2. The price makes the mtr5 a good buy, even if you usually employ a test house for final EMC investigations: With tests accompanying  the design you may prevent your product to fail the final investigation. For easy operation the mtr5 user assistance, automatic test-probe detection, and a memory for ten individual test programs. 

Last not least a hint for a low-budget best-shielded test cabin. Try it with an old secondhand van; for this application there is no need for 100mph performance.

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