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Siemens C500 series supported by mtr9

Immediately, the following mtr9 adapter-modules are available for Siemens microcontrollers of the C500 series (prices)

adapter module MQFP-44  for C504-2E, C505A-4E, C505CA-4E, C513A-2E, 
adapter module MQFP-80  for C515C-8E, 
adapter modul ePLCC-44  for C540U-1E, C541U-1E. 

Thus, the most common types are supported; modules for other packages can be produced on request. 

Your mtr9 needs the software Rev.10 (or a later one) to operate these modules;  the appropriate update is available here.

Especially for our automotive customers, this information will be of major interest!

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