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EPROM programmers and erasers

The devices presently supported by our programmers are listed  in the  type table ; support of additional devices usually can be implemented within a short time.

mtr3 programmer/emulator

This type is no longer available. However, it is still supported with software updates , if new devices appear on the market which can be processed with the mtr3. According to the mtr3's design dating from 1985, there are several restrictions, of course. Moreover, many adapters for special devices are still available (see price list) .  The operating manual will give further informations.

mtr9 programmer/emulator

The mtr9 is a stand-alone programmer which is mains- or battery-operated (rechargeable NiCd). It is standard RAM-sized for devices up to 1Mbit, but can be upgraded to 16Mbit. For standard-pinout EPROMs up to the size of the installed RAM (but max. 8Mbit) an emulation facility is included. 
     The mtr9 supports EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flash-EPROMs, and PEROMs with DIP-24...DIP-32-case. For  DIP-40-, PLCC-32-, PLCC-44-, and SO-44-devices several adapters are available. 
     For the most common microcomputer lines and some special devices we supply also adapters. A special focus is set to automotive applications of the mtr9. 
     The mtr9 is delivered with a remote-control software, running under MS DOS or Windows (including a 38400baud-driver for MS DOS). 
     The mtr9 is no longer available from stock. Only for reasonable demand a further batch can be produced. Nevertheless you can still  use the update-service of this site free of charge. The operating manual will give further informations.
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